Tuesday, 5 July 2011

L'Oréal vs Maybeline eyeliner review

Hi everyone! I love eyeliner so much, and for the past couple of years I've kept to Maybeline's waterproof eyeliner. (you can find it in most drugstores) But recently I've been using L'Oréal's eyeliner, so here it goes:

  • Waterproof
  • Comes in extra black, black and brown (Those might not be the names, I'm just doing the basic colours here)
  • felt tip applicator
  • liquid

  • comes in waterproof or... not waterproof (in this case, I'm comparing the non-waterproof one)
  • black and brown
  • felt tip applicator
  • liquid

Comparing the two here is what I have to say:
The look of both eyeliners is very plain. I think L'Oréal's looks a little more elegant and mature, but you wouldn't have to be embarrassed carrying either with you to school or work. L'Oréal's is a little longer though, which I like because then I can have a better grip when applying the eyeliner. (In effect it is easier to apply consistent lines!)

In comparing the tips:

Maybeline is the far left, L'Oréal black is in the middle and L'Oréal brown is on the far right.
While the tip for Maybeline is pointier, it becomes thick way too quickly for my tastes. If I angle my hand only slightly while applying my makeup, I suddenly have a glob of liquid eyeliner on my eyelid. On the other hand, I find the L'Oréal tip much more flexible and easier to use. I can angle my hand with no worries and come out with a great look almost everytime.

 Please excuse lack of concealer and brightness haha;; I wanted to demonstrate how thin I could go with L'Oréal's eyeliner!

You can also see that that the consistency is much thicker on both middle and right examples (but this could be because one they're newer than the one on the left).

In short:
I prefer L'Oréal's eyeliner to Maybeline's because even though the Maybeline is waterproof, the overall joy of putting on L'Oréal's eyeliner outweighs that.
Both last for majority of the day, but Maybeline has a habit of rubbing off.
If you want blue eyes to pop, then use a brown liner! They compliment each other.

Both are fine eyeliners. I just prefer one over the other.

Until next time!