Monday, 18 July 2011

RIMMEL Eye Makeup Remover Review

 Alright! So here's the latest review I have for you. Photobucket
I got the urge to take pictures last night when I cracked open another product I received recently. So I hope you enjoy it!

RIMMEL London's eye makeup remover

The Promise:
  • Gently removes all eye makeup, including long lasting & waterproof makeup with no oily residue.
  • Will not sting or irritate eyes.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearer
  • Dermatologically & Opthalmologically tested.
  • Oil free.

Apply cleanser to cotton wool/balls, gently sweep over eyes until all traces of makeup are removed.

As far as the design of the bottle goes, it isn't anything flashy. I prefer this because my first impression is of a clean experience (like their aim is truly cleanliness rather than putting all the budget into the packaging). The top is a flip cap and it's easy to dispense the liquid onto your cotton ball/whatever. The bottle itself is a nice size so I feel I get a good amount for the price.Photobucket

The liquid is clear and doesn't smell.

 You can find this product in your drugstore (for me in Canada, it's Shoppers Drug Mart).

 It's very important to take off your eye makeup before you go to sleep because of a few things:
  1. Your makeup will smudge during the night and it'll be hard to get rid of the raccoon eyes the next morning
  2. Bacteria can build up while you sleep
  3. Your eyelashes will be more prone to falling out. Since eyelashes are a different type of hair, they grow slower and leave you with sparse eyelashes if you don't wash them regularly. (However there are good bugs on your eyelashes, so it's important not to over wash)
I like to use one cotton pad for each eye. Just like when you wear contacts, it isn't good to mix bacteria and what else from one eye to the other. In case any of the solution gets in your eyes, using an extra cotton pad can help prevent any infections.

A shot of my eye before taking the makeup off....Photobucket

.... And as you can see, all traces of eye liner and mascara are gone.Photobucket My eyeliner was a very good waterproof kind. Also, the whites of my eyes aren't irritated (I actually got a little bit of solution in my eye by mistake lolPhotobucket. When this happens, keep your eyes closed and flush thoroughly with water. The uncomfortable sensation should go away).

In all:
  • I like the clean look of the bottle
  • It's comfortable on my sensitive eyes and skin
  • My eyelids felt a little moisturized after!
  • It does what it says (removes eye makeup)
  • Affordable and accessable
I hope you enjoyed this!
Until next time!

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