Friday, 1 July 2011

Oral Dilemma....

This post might gross you out... I guess...?

So, I haven't posted much on twitter about this.. but for some reason my mouth has erupted into a fiery pit of pain.

We think it might be a few things:
  • My wisdom teeth are coming through and there's a bacteria buildup
  • The toothpaste I was using (it's a new one I decided to try out) has cinnamon in it
  • I ate something funky....?
I think I might be allergic to cinnamon because whenever I eat it, or something that contains it, my mouth becomes super irritated. So what's been going on with me is I have 3 canker sores (under my tongue, right side of my cheek and my lip) and an irritation on the side of my tongue (right side). It also sucks because my wisdom teeth are finally breaking the surface of my gums, so it really hurts too.

SO! That means:
  • no salty, sweet, hot, or spicy foods
  • no sugary foods (ex. fruit)
  • no chewy foods (meat) because my gums are sore from the wisdom teeth...
  • ONLY DRINK WATER (which is fine, but it still makes my mouth sting)
  • ONLY EAT SOFT PLAIN FOODS... so far I've only had pasta, soft bread and eggs for the past week or so..... ; A ;
I really hate this. If you can think of any foods that I could eat, then please comment below!
I'll try to think of something better to post next time because I know this must sound gross...

Until next time!

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