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Hello everyone! I'm excited to share this post with you today!

While this may not continue with the package of goodies I received as a gift, this is still beauty related and I hope you enjoy it. Please comment below and tell me what other things you'd like to see in future posts!Photobucket

Anyways, here is the first item I have on my list for you today:

Konad Stamping Nail Art Kit
I cheated... I bought this on eBay ;A;... OH GAWD FORGIVE ME!
But anyways, I first saw these on a gyaru's beauty channel on YouTube and was instantly intrigued. I've wanted to get into nail art for the longest time, but was having a bit of trouble because I'm terrible with my left hand.Photobucket If I wanted to try a design, then I could do it with only one hand! Photobucket

At first I thought this idea of stamping a design on your nail was too good to be true, but here's my take on it:

Talking about the packaging, it's rather pleasing to the eye. I mean, even though there are butterflies and flowers everywhere, what can you expect from something that decorates your nails? The kit I purchased comes with a stamper, an image plate and a small-sized bottle of their 'special' nail polish (usually white). However because I picked mine up from eBay, the seller offered me a second image plate of my choice.Photobucket 

You can check out the official website listed above to check out all of their plate designs! There's something for everyone it seems and packages that suit the casual to the hardcore nail artist.

When looking at the plate designs, it might be a good idea to write down the plate number (for example, I have both m77 and m39). It's easy to lose track of your favourites and it would suck if you ordered the wrong one!

So, to use the stamp set, you can refer to the directions on the back of the box. Apply your nail polish like usual until it's COMPLETELY dry. You don't want to smudge it...! (This brings me to part two of this post as well!)

"Baby" Blue Nicole OPI
I don't even care that it's Justin Bieber. It's a GORGEOUS robin egg blue...
And just a couple things about this polish:
  • Goes on very opaque (I only needed 1 coat, but applied 2 out of habit)
  • Bright colour
  • OPI hasn't failed me before. Just remember to apply a top coat so it doesn't chip as easily!
Also, I apologize for my cuticles... I have a habit of biting them when I'm nervous or stressed. (I just had some oral surgery so I'm not surprised they're this bad haha;;)

And the shot using the design plate!
I have to say, I had to try this over again about... 3 or 4 times before I managed to get an image on the stamp. I say an image because I literally went from 0% on the stamp to a 100% clear design. I feel accomplished, though, for being able to flaunt a cute design like this (FINALLY)Photobucket

Final thoughts
  • Hundreds of designs to choose from
  • The appeal of an easy system
  • Pretty nails! AT LAST!
  • You can purchase read-to-go kits (there are many different ones on Konad's site)
  • You have to purchase plates, where you may not love all of the designs on it
  • You have to use their longer-drying nail polish
  • Learning curve
  • Have to clean the plate after each use
So I would recommend this to anyone who deserves a little help with their nails! Perfect for gifts to young girls and even moms! It's fairly high maintenance, but the results are worth it if you have the patiencePhotobucket
Although... if you're a starving student like myself... go have a look on my old friend eBay. Most sellers are holding a deal with mixing and matching plates and polishes... so to get the most bang for your buck, take a look there firstPhotobucket. Just make sure it's authentic.

Until next time!
Please stay cool in this heat!

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  1. wowwww they turned out great though!! and the plates are reusable atleast so unlike those sticker stencil sets u'll save money on that! (plus the designs are small so you won't run out of their longer drying polish right??)

    I kinda want to try this out now! lol : D