Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sweet Jelly lipgloss review

So! I have a lot planned for this blog for the next little bit!
I was recently given a whole WHACK of beauty products by a friend of the family's. Even though it wasn't asked of me, I'd like to review some of the products for you guys!Photobucket

So the first one is:

RIMMEL London's Sweet Jelly lipgloss!Photobucket
As soon as I saw these I thought they were the cutest shades, so I was really happy to try them out!
The one on the left (light pink) is called 'Yummy' and the other one is called 'Delicious' (sooo cute~~!). So this will be a sort of comparison post, but I have a feeling that these guys will share an equal amount of love from me haha!

Anyways, I've been using RIMMEL products for a while now, and I'm always satisfied with their products because they aren't afraid to go a little funky with their shades. In this case, the shades are pretty generic, but I would recommend any of RIMMEL's products (that I've tried so far at least).

OK! So this lip gloss is meant to offer a non-sticky formula that tastes good! It's also sheer, so it won't colour your lips as much as, say, a lipstick or some other lip gloss~! (Which is nice if you want a more nudy/flirty look that isn't too dramatic)

The lighting's a little weird, but you can tell that Yummy is a little more peachy than Delicious. You can also see the glossy effect on my wrist and how sheer it is (This is actually applied pretty thickly here so the colour showed up better).
Even after I wiped off the gloss, my wrist was very smooth and felt moisturized!Photobucket So after you've been eating and drinking while wearing this, you can still feel like your lips are still looking perky!

Nevertheless, these glosses are great for school, a casual day out or even just stepping out to go to the movies! While it still has that glossy texture (which might not be for you) it still offers that cute feeling you have of your lips feeling full and flirty!

Until next time!

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