Saturday, 30 July 2011

Thoughts on: Flowers & Bushes.

I wonder if I am the flower or the bush.

What determines it? Age? Personality? Wealth? Family? Looks? Dreams?

Is it that I am still vibrant and delicate, as I move on to another year at university... and being 20 years old?
Or is it that I have left the age of being watched and sought after for my looks and instead decide to grow larger, more stable roots that makes me desirable?

When people pass me, do I stand out beside the sea of other people? Or do I blend in because I am not too concerned with my own life?

If I am a bush, I look at the flowers and wish I could be more like a flower.
But if I am a flower, do I really wish to be a bush?

And even if I am a bush, flowers can still grow on me and hide my stems and leaves. I find the idea very rude that, even though flowers have all these assets, they don't find it enough to just keep them. They have to cover up the worth of the bushes so by-passers only see the vibrant flowers.

Always being compared... how can a bush stand up against a flower?

The only comfort I find for bushes, if it is true that I am one, is that there are far less gardeners who have an idea how to take care of flowers than there are gardeners who know what they are doing when they buy a bush.

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