Wednesday, 9 January 2013

EOS Gothic 3 Tones Violet Review

Along with the EOS Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise lenses I purchased a while back, I also picked up a violet pair (it was supposed to be for a cosplay but that fell through.. oh well c'est la vie).

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 14.5mm
Manufacturer : EOS
Origin : South Korea
Lenses is manufactured by EOS and labelled under DollyEye. 
These lenses are an identical design to the other pair I have, featuring a nude look using a pixel design to allow an easy transition between your natural eye colour and the lens colour. Purple isn't exactly a natural colour, but I feel these lenses allow you to pull off a subtle look. Once again, maybe not for a dramatic cosplay but if the character is a schoolgirl I think these could work!

You can see the lens slipping around on the left (my right eye), not so bad in this photo but in others it can look pretty crazy!
Once they went in they were alright, but I felt some discomfort at first. The one in my right eye was a bit annoying though, as whenever I would blink the lens would move and create an odd feeling. It didn't hurt, but it might just be the lens I bought..
Enlargement is 4/5 (Slightly larger for a natural dolly look)
Design is 5/5 (They're meant to be natural, and that's what these do)
Colour is 4/5 (The violet shows well on light eyes, darker eyes may find it harder to see the colour though)
Comfort is 3.5/5 (Not the most comfortable ever...)

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