Sunday, 3 March 2013

Oboro Muramasa - Momohime 1/8th figure

This past Valentine's I was gifted this amazing figure from my boyfriend! Momohime was recently re-released by Alter (first release in 2010) and I have been coveting it for years but it never showed up in the dealers' at conventions and was just so expensive online that I had to bite my tongue and have it pass me by.

It's a very popular figure for good reason! The Muramasa games have stunning artwork and interesting, dynamic combat so it's wonderful that they've managed to capture Momohime (the protagonist in a sense) in such an interesting pose.

She's in mid-flight, with interchangeable parts where she can have her sword already drawn, or in the midst of being drawn as I've shown here. Personally, I like the sheathed option as it lends more movement and anticipation to this figure. You can imagine her running through the enchanting scenery in the game while drawing her sword in a flash to smite her foes.

I also love the intricate details on her obi and hair ornaments.

And that base! I'm a sucker for interesting bases and the running water goes perfectly with the rest of the theme here. I like how even the rocks are gritty and has motion as well, that they aren't smooth and ideal. I think the base should be treated as an extension of the figure; not separate! It drives me nuts when I see figures with a slab of dull plastic as a base. It's a wasted chance to create something interesting.

I'm so happy I've finally got my hands on this figure!

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  1. Wanted that figure for myself so bad lol It's gorgeous~