Monday, 12 December 2011

DTAC 2011

So last Sunday was DTAC! It was very special though since it also marked MOETRONcos' 1 year anniversary!

We cosplayed as the girls from K-ON! once again but as the moe moe kyun maid ver.!

(the maid kakashi is a friend form high school, who isn't a part of MOETRON.)

What a bunch of lovely girls!
While the convention itself was a let-down (cramped space, no events, horrid security, rip-off entry fees and cramped dealer's room), I still feel like I made the most of it! These girls are so wonderful and spirited, that we made the most of a crappy convention anyways! (in pic: [top left-right] Sachie, Ringo, Jean, myself. [bottom left-right] Carmen, Chibatsu.)

Before the convention, Sachie and I went to the Eaton's Centre for some pre-con holiday shopping! I bought some stocking stuffers for my family. The mall was all decorated with huge trees and reindeer!

I don't have many girlfriends, so spending time with such cute girls makes me so happy! I want to go on a huge shopping day with all the MOETRON girls sometime!

Before everyone else came, Sachie and I also exchanged our xmas presents which were these cute cat kigurumi!

aren't they cute?! Now we can wear these to cons when we need something to relax in on a Sunday!

Annnnnnnnnd the photoshoot pics from Thomas Truong!

We have the best group ever. Don't you agree?

While I don't think Ritsu suits me, I do like trying to portray her and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to more exciting years with all of my waifus!

Thank you.