Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hanekawa Tsubasa [Bakemonogatari] 1/8 figure

My boyfriend bought this for me this Christmas! As you may know, I've been coveting this figure for about a year now.. as soon as I saw it online I knew I had to have it!

You're able to change her hair so that the cat ears don't show and her glasses are removable.

The first thing I noticed about this figure was the unique base! It really sets her apart from the standard figure. I also loved the movement in her skirt and her hair. She isn't my favourite character from the series, yet I find I enjoy this figure more than my Senjougahara one!

That charm on her phone is adorable! I would kill for one so cute ;w;

 I also love her expression. I think it's a mix of mild curiosity and a sense of awareness. She knows someone is looking at her, but doesn't seem too worried about it. Her cat ears are also very cute and appealing.

 This is another point that caught my eye when I first saw this figure. The way her skirt lifts up is very teasing and the casual hand she places to keep it from exposing her is also very aggravating. I also love the detailing in the lace. I think it's a good amount of thigh and exposure without being too raunchy.

While the pose may not make sense at first (as a schoolgirl should be a little more worried that her panties might be seen), I think it actually plays off an interesting part of Tsubasa's character. She is shown at a time when she hasn't completely transformed into the cat demon yet. While it's true she seems unguarded in her appearance, her human side still places a hand down to cover her skirt and keeps a wary eye focused to any onlookers. Her cat-like side keeps her posture straight and confident and the blush out of her cheeks. I think this play between her personas really completes this figure and makes it one of the best that I own so far.

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  1. wahh that reallly is a nice figure!! now I want ittt lol i like your detailed descriptions too!