Friday, 9 December 2011

Exams and DTAC 2011

I haven't done a daily post in a while! I finally have some time to jot things down..Photobucket

This past month has been a little crazy! November and early December is always crunch time for post-secondary students because all of the profs give the largest assignments at this time and exams are very stressful.Photobucket Around this time each year I stop eating properly and my bad habit of chewing my cuticles gets out of hand. I'm usually a wreck!

I'm an English major, so writing many essays is a no-brainer for me. I'm starting to learn how to crank them out like a boss when I know the subject well enough.Photobucket It's mostly my procrastination that gets to me. I get so worked up about not working on the things I need to, but end up on tumblr and twitter anyways..!

I still get all of my work done though. Hehe.Photobucket
Today I just finished my last exam for the week! I have another one on the 21st, yet I feel like I'm already on holidays. I can't wait for Christmas since it's also the time of my little brother's birthday and my Nana and Papa's wedding anniversary! I miss my family..Photobucket

It's not all bad though! This Sunday I get to see all of my lovely waifus from MOETRNcos!Photobucket We're going to be in a huge group of K-ON! girls wearing maid outfits, ready for your service! (lol) Of course I will be playing Ritsu. Please look forward to more pictures and stories on this year's DTAC in Toronto!

Until next time!

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  1. aww good luck on all your exams! and can't wait to meet up with you all!!