Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goals for 2012

Some of my wishes for the new year! I'm going to try my best and improve in these areas!

  1. Fashion and style. I want to learn different more hairstyles and expand my makeup collection. I need to learn how to wear different looks, so that I look a little more polished for each occasion. ( ˘・з・) It would also be nice if I could improve my wardrobe a bit.. and buy outfits rather than mix matched pieces.
  2. Work habits. I need to quit procrastinating and focus more on my studies. ヽ(`Д´)ノ
  3. Peace of mind. I want to try and stop getting jealous over small things and start being happy for the achievements of others.  Especially when it comes to looks. ヾ(・ε・。)
  4. Lifestyle. Basically stop being a lazy bum and start exercising more often! ┌(_Д_┌ )┐
I think these are the main ones.. but here are some smaller ones that I know I can achieve:
  • expand vocabulary and practice speaking correctly.
  • be a little more social
  • make my blog a little nicer (I think I might need help with that)
  • learn my best angles when posing.. learn how to smile in portrait pictures lol

Anyways, here's to wishing you a happy new year! May all your wishes come true.

Until next time!

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