Sunday, 22 January 2012


Yesterday I went to Pacific Mall with my friend Asuka. I was really excited because I haven't been to Pmall in FOREVER and this time I'd be able to get some insight on things I normally wouldn't try because I had someone with me who can read japanese. (ง´▽`)ง

We opted for the cheap route, which was 3$ one-way, taking a variety of bus and subway routes. It took about an hour and a half to get there, but I don't mind because it saved us a lot of money! I usually don't buy a lot of things from there though, as it's really expensive. I actually spent most of my money on food!

I usually get peach or pineapple flavoured bubble tea. I've also taken a liking to tapioca after Asuka poo-poo'd me having jelly instead. Like with actual tea, I don't like milk added since it changes to a weird consistency for me. (Although Asuka's milk bubble tea looks a lot cuter...( ̄へ ̄))

I bought these delicious chocolates while I was there. The texture is so soft and it really melts in your mouth! Apparently you can only get them during the winter season.

The smell of these crackers (chips?) is a little fishy, but they don't taste fishy at all! They're super crunchy too, which I like. I also love the cute images on the back. ♥

This smells super creamy and sweet! You can definitely smell the milky flavours and it tastes sweet too! The packaging is so cute!

I also had some delicious udon for dinner! I love the thick udon noodles, so I know I'll be buying them when I move out someday! I'm still not very good with me chopsticks though, but I think I'm slowly getting better!

I think my favourite hobby is eating... I love the different tastes and smells of food!


  1. Woo looks like fun, we should go to pmall together sometime and do the photobooth pictures! :D

    You can get meltykiss year-round at most asian supermarkets too!

  2. aaahhh magawd uuuuuuuuu >.< why u tempt me with food porn!! I really want to take that udon out of my laptop screen LOL

  3. I love love love your pictures! The second collage looks ballin' :) I love the texture behind the text