Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lancôme L'absolu Nu #101 Review

The first of many reviews to come from my recent haul!
This is the lipstick I ended up purchasing after that MAC fiasco. It's also my first Lancôme product. I feel like Lancôme is one of those brands that you see your mom buying from when you're younger.. I feel so grown up haha.

I wanted something rather natural looking that enhanced the look of my lips, rather than masking or changing the colour completely.

First of all I LOVE the design of the lipstick. The packaging is really mature, yet feminine, and sleek. There are also small magnets, so it makes a satisfying 'click' when you close it. That means I don't have to worry about the lid falling off in my purse!

This is in the shade Corail Evanescent. It's a very cute coral/pink shade that's super creamy. It has a very subtle sparkle but you can hardly see it. It just provides a very subtle boost for your lips.

These are a couple swatches of the colour. You can get it fairly pigmented if you really apply it, but I'm more likely to just put one or two swipes on my lips for a quick boost of colour. It's good to know that you can build up the colour though. I have to mention that, to me, the colour looks more like a true coral in real life. I feel the photos make the product appear more on the pink/red side..

I know I'm gonna get some use out of this! If you're looking for a nice shade for spring, or you're in need of a nice all around shade that you can wear to work, then I recommend this one! It's not super long-wearing, but it's creamy enough not to dry out your lips.

See you soon!

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