Saturday, 11 February 2012

I can wear circle lenses!

Hey guys! The title might seem a bit silly, but this is something that I've been trying to do for a couple of years now. I'm so happy that I can put in and take out contacts now! (*´艸`*) My optometrist said I couldn't do it because I always get antsy in my eye exams.. HA! SEE THAT?!

This isn't actually going to be a review because I'm a total noob when it comes to lenses, but if you're interested, then check out Sachie's review! These are the Nudy Green lenses from Geo Medical. So that being said: COMMENCE THE PHOTO SPAM. ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

I think my blue eyes will be ideal for wearing lighter coloured circle lenses since the colours will show up better. I just need to be careful with darker colours, since my natural eye colour might peek through and look weird?

If I try opening my eyes really wide then I look like a deer hehe! The texture sort of reminds me of a crocodile's skin.. のヮの;

From afar these look super natural (as in they blend very well)! They also have a good enlarging effect. If it was for cosplay though, I'm thinking I'd prefer something with a darker ring just so my eyes pop out even more on film! (〃∇〃)
(I'm also showing off my rainbow nails that i did a couple days ago.. super colourful and pretty~)

Here are some close-ups of the design. The pixelated design helps the lense blend in with your eye colour!

Because it was my first time putting anything in my eye, it felt a little uncomfortable (a little teary, but no stinging). I just blinked slowly a couple of times and gently pressed on my eyelid before my eyes became accustomed to them.

I was actually inspired by this video. Before I was having a hard time doing it the standard way (holding eyelashes up, lower lid down and then the other hand with the lense on a fingerヽ(o`皿′o)ノ). Michelle Phan in the video made it look waaaay easier, and so I was able to get them in! (ง´▽`)ง

And now I can cosplay more characters and be more accurate!! HURRAY!!


  1. Wow that is so cool, when you see them up close they look excellent, I didn't notice much on the wider pics but the near ones make your eyes really pop!!

    1. Thanks! :) I'm sure if I wore 15mm you would notice a lot more! These are the smallest I've seen lenses, so they aren't supposed to be too overly dramatic. The design is also very pixelated, which means it'll blend with your eye colour more.

  2. Whao. Congratulations! I just wanted to comment that I love your natural eye color!! The contacts do look amazing and more natural on your eyes than asian eyes (since Caucasian people usually have different colored eyes anyways... while with Asians, you can totally tell we are wearing them since.. we all have dark brown eyes naturally.

    1. Hehe thanks! And yes, I suppose they do blend a little better.. Although you could say the same probably if I was to try darker circle lenses!