Friday, 24 February 2012

Reading Week + Haircut + Photoshoot Locale

Hey guys! Another daily post for you!

So this week was my Reading Week for school. We don't have classes, but it's an excuse for my profs to pile on a bunch of reading. So far I've managed to get a good portion done.. but I find myself getting distracted easily by other things!
It was nice to be back at home for a bit though. I'm leaving for school again this Sunday... it's too soon!

Today specifically I went and scoped out potential photoshoot locales for my Howl cosplay. My dad is a cameraman and was a photographer in college, so I figured if I could find somewhere close to home, then maybe I could get him to take a couple pictures of me!

I had that one seen in my mind from Howl's Moving Castle where Howl and Sophie first meet and they're going through alleyways in order to dodge the blobby men (I forget if they had names! D:). I found some interesting little walkways that I think would be suitable for some European-themed backdrops.

On a sunny day I think they would look especially great!

I will finish this post off with a photo of the haircut I got today! My bangs grew out so I had to get them cut again.. I like this look though!


  1. Those backdrops are perfect! Let me shoot you someday! :D

    And cute haircut <3

  2. Those bangs are SUPER cute on you!!! And such a super amazing photoshoot it will turn out with that kind of environment! I love it!
    Even night time with those lamps on and snow, it would look so nice!!!

    1. Thanks! <3
      A nighttime shot might look interesting! It could add a nice glow... I'll try it out :D

  3. cute bangs <3

    pffttt those places are awesome for photoshoot =D

  4. Niiiiiiiiiice photos :D I really like them ^^ Great job ^^

    And cute haircut, I have a similar one :)


    1. Thanks! I hope they'll turn out ok!
      And do you? I like it because it makes me look a little cuter haha;;

      @Carmen Thanks! <3

  5. thankyouu so much for following <333
    i really like thesee picturess :D and your haircut looks great <3