Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February 2012 Luxe Box

I picked up my Luxe Box from the mail room yesterday! For those of you who want to check out last month's box, you can check my review here! There's also a blurb at the beginning explaining what Luxe Box is.

This month featured a bright red box (to celebrate the month of love I suppose), and was collaborated with Flare magazine.

Overview of the products inside. As per usual, they give you a thank you card, as well as a card that explains the products and their full-sized prices. This month also had a form for Flare magazine, which you could fill out and pay for a subscription.

Cargo Lash Activator
Sample size: not indicated
Full size: 11ml ($35)
Note: The formula contains agents that promote lash growth and help strengthen lash roots.

I really like the rubber wand, as the mascara doesn't clump at all. I noticed a clear lengthening and a little volume of my lashes after one stroke, which I think is good for everyday use. The only thing I didn't like was that it rubbed off easily and that I saw a few particles had fallen on my under eye area by the end of the day.

PureDKNY Verbena
Sample size: 7 ml
Full size: 50 ml ($80) or 100 ml ($105)

The box it came in was cute. I think it smells fresh, light and a little floral; perfect for spring. I don't normally buy perfumes, but the sample they gave out will last me a while.

Dermalogica Microfoliant
Sample size: 13g
Full size: 75g ($72)
Note: Good for all skin types.

You mix this powder with water after cleansing to create a paste which buffs away impurities, leaving skin soft and smooth. I have yet to try this.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner
Sample size: Shampoo 3 x 10 ml & Conditioner 3 x 10 ml
Full size: Shampoo 300 ml ($15) & Conditioner 250 ml ($17)
Note: Meant for colour-treated hair.

I'll try out these samples anyways, even though I've never dyed my hair before. These samples would obviously benefit those with coloured hair more than myself.

Overall I think this month's box was much better than last month's. I really like the perfume and I'm interested in the microfoliant! I'll also use that mascara until I can replace my old one.
If you're interested in subscribing to Luxe Box, then click here!

Until next time!


  1. I love pureDKNY fragrance! One of my favourites :)
    I also subscribed for Allure feat BeautyBar Sample Society to try them out :)
    I thought maybe you would be interested in Influenster, it's kinda the same concept except it's absolutely free! You just have to sign up and if you qualify, you'll get VoxBox full of products to try. Then you just have to fill out the survey and share your experience. Pretty cool! I'm gonna get my first VoxBox in a week and I'm super excited! Here is the site => http://www.influenster.com/influenster-overview

    1. That sounds interesting! (I'm a sucker for free things lmao)
      I'll be sure to take a look! :D

  2. The Dermalogica Microfoliant looks so amazing! I wish I had that in my box.
    Have you tried Glymm before?
    After being with Loose Button for 8 months and Glymm for about 6 months, I rather prefer Glymm because I feel it's more for younger people with more make up while Loose Button has so many anti-aging creams and more creams and perfume. I especially hate perfume.. I never wear it so I have no idea what to do with it except give it to my mom. haha

    1. Ya, I noticed that with the Luxe Boxes too.. I'll definitely check out Glymm! Thanks for letting me know :)

      And would you like me to review that microfoliant for you?

    2. Omg! Yes please!!!!
      I used to use baking soda and it worked pretty good as an exfoliant. I am wondering if it's similar!