Friday, 3 February 2012

Tea Lounge

Last nigth was really fun because I actually did something that pertained to a social life of some sort!

Asuka invited me to go to a tea lounge that was about a half hour walk from my residence. I needed to pick some stuff up at the Shoppers Drug Mart nearby, so it was a pretty good idea! (I ended up picking up a Fekkai shampoo, but not the one I tried in the Luxe Box for some reason.. I'm weird like that.)

I've never been to a tea lounge before, as I've only just started drinking tea. I felt like a super trendy university student when we went in. The place was a little small, but cozy and warm! My knowledge of tea is limited, so it was helpful that the menus gave you a good description of the taste. The tea is 100% organic as well, so you could actually get up and smell the containers with the flowers, tea leaves, etc.

I ordered white tea!

I think it's a very neat idea and wished we had something like this on campus! It would be SO easy to do, as you would only need a hot water dispenser, tea leaves, some steepers and the cups! You can reuse the tea leaves as well, so that saves the customer's and the lounge some money!

They also sold crèpes that were VERY tasty. I had one that was breakfast themed.
It was a good night.. my stomach was so full

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  1. Whoa that looks awesome! Hamilton doesn't really have any nice places like these, need to start making more trips down to Toronto haha.

    Also, could you put my layout credit back on your about me page? It doesn't have to be big >_<

    1. Ya! It was pretty nice.

      And actually, there was never anything there to begin with, which confused me. I'll add it now.