Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Anime North 2012: Friday

It's that time of year again! Anime North 2012 (ง´▽`)ง On Friday I cosplayed Howl from Howl's Moving Castle.

We got down to the convention at around noon, hoping to check in early, as there was an early pre-registration check-in at 11am this year! It was hella hot though.. I was boiling in Howl ;A;
They didn't even have the queues set up for the line though.. we had to wait extra even though we finally made it to the door...!

Friday overall was mixed feelings.. my boots were awful to the point of not being able to walk (I'm not exaggerating, I couldn't take a step by the end of the day and had to get a taxi back to the hotel). However everyone recognized my Howl cosplay so I felt pretty good :D I also hung out with my MOETRON group as well as my boyfriend...~

Overall I had a great time! :D My group and I (minus Jean who was in the artist alley) went to take photos by a grassy area near the back of the convention. It was a little isolated, but I think we got some great shots!

Since I couldn't manage Howl's crazy jacket and a camera at the same time, I didn't bring my camera that day and so had to use Sachie's. (They're the same camera though so the same quality of shots).

Here are some shots Sachie took for me!

There was a lot of fooling around.. but that's why I love it! We made some nice memories together♥(ಡ౪ಡ)

I also had to cut my Senjougahara Hitagi wig Friday night! Jean ordered my wig from Fantasy Sheep (which apparently is a really popular taobao store??). Either way the wig was a DREAM. It was super thick and had a wonderful colour! It was also easy to brush and didn't slip too much on my head. I was super impressed! I was worried for her bangs though, since Hitagi has an unusual style.. I think I did ok? ;w;

And then I had a bath to ease my sore feet huhu (。í _ ì。)


  1. those howl photos are my favourite, they turned out so well! you're so photogenic ;o;
    and the hitagi wig was perfect! :D

  2. d'waaah! lol so glad that wig i ordered was to your liking! and that howl cosplay was really really nice! love the photos!