Friday, 25 May 2012

benefit Hervana Blush Review

These photos have been sat in my folder for a while, but wanted to really try out this product before reviewing it.

This is the benefit Hervana box blush!

The box design might turn off some people. To me, it's unique packaging that stands out while still being compact. It closes securely and has a mirror (even though I don't use the mirror much). The product smells delicious, like candy! The smell doesn't transfer to your face though, which is good.

The idea is that you swirl these colours together. This is my first time using a product like this where it has a mix of colours. It creates a nice cool pink that suits fair skin tones.

I also noticed you only need a LITTLE to go a long way. This is really great considering the price. I admit I splurged on this one, but I'm glad this will last me for quite a long time. Since it's a pressed powder it also won't expire for a while... (this is me trying to justify this purchase ;A;)

This is the brush it comes with. I like it when products come with extras like this because it's handy to have on hand. The brush itself is alright, I like how it's angled so it feels like I have a little more control.

The only thing is that there is no separate compartment, so I have to keep it in the sleeve to try and reduce the brush picking up too much product while having it in the box.

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