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102 questions about your cosplay lifestyle!

I was tagged to do this by Sachie!
(This was a questionnaire taken from LAYERS magazine - a cosplay magazine from Japan.) 

There are no right answers to any of these questions. Quite a few can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no", but there are at least three more ways to answer any one of them. Of course, every answer has its reason and every reason has a story. Our goal isn't to pass judgement, but to get you thinking about these questions. If this questionairre starts a dialogue on manners, then we've done our job.

General Cosplay Questions 1) What's the best part of cosplay for you? 
 Becoming a character with a personality that is different from yours! Plus I like wearing the outfits :D 
2) Do you use the term "kameko" ("camera-kid")? 
 Nope. :S
3) Do you read event catalogs?
 If event catalogs are the same thing as the program they give you for panels and stuff... then yes?
4) Do you rsvp to events?
 Yes, I try to at least!
5) Do you want to attend more events? Or are you content to remain in your local area?
OF COURSE!! If only I had the time and money ;  ^  ;
6) Do you use color contacts?
I can't actually... I have a fear of things touching my eye... it's just too personal. I'm really jealous of people who can wear them though... I want circle lenses ;  ^  ;
7) Do you make your own costumes or do you buy them?
If the difficulty is within my range, then i do. (I made my Ritsu Listen!! cosplay) But most of the time I end up buying. I hope to make my own cosplays someday though....!!
8) Do you stick to one genre?
Not really. I've never done a shonen-genre cosplay though.. mostly shoujo anime and fantasy rpg-style games lol.
9) Do you think that when cosplaying, one should stick to the genre of a given event?
Considering that people here don't do that anyways, I'd say that it doesn't really matter lol.
10) Does it bother you when people break genre?
Unless they're acting like jerks, then no.

--- ♥ ---

11) Does it bother you when people know nothing about the series they're cosplaying? 
Yes! Especially if they end up more popular than someone else who tried their best and loves the character! That's not very fair... :S
12) Does it bother you if people only know a little about the series they're cosplaying?
So long as they know the basics then I can let it slide... >3>
13) Does it bother you if people are familiar with the series, but have no affection for the character they're cosplaying?
I can see instances where they might have been recruited by friends, so I can understand.
14) Does it bother you if someone else is cosplaying the same character you are?
To be honest, I start judging my cosplay against theirs automatically.. it's my nature LOL;; But I don't act like a jerk to them and I especially try to never say anything about it!!
15) Do you like posed shots?
16) Do you like candid shots?
In person I'm not very graceful LOL... so there's hardly ever a candid shot of me that looks good XD;; If I spy someone from afar with their camera pointed my way.. I try to secretly look good lmao XD;;
17) Do you think cosplaying characters from adult games or pornographic material is in bad taste?
Not the cosplay.. but I question how they know the characters LMAO...
18) If there's a problem at an event, do you jump to conclusions about the parties involved?
It's in my nature. But I try to be reasonable..
19) How many times do you cosplay in one month?
Depending on the time of year, 1 or 2 times a month..
20) Do you go to photo shoots?

If I'm invited, then of course! I really like photoshoots :3

 --- ♥ ---

21) Have you ever been included in a cosplay CD-ROM?
WHOA. That would be cool!
22) Is casual cosplay okay?
If it's for a big event then I don't really understand.. but for a small event then sure, why not?
23) Are you okay with your face appearing on the internet?
Yes! ;D
24) Do you find yourself thinking people are "too old" for cosplay? How old is too old?
You are as young as you think you are. As soon as you think you're too old for cosplay, then yes you are.
25) Do people who walk around in gothic lolita fashion bug you?
26) Do you think Chinese dresses count as "cosplay"?
Well, if the character wears a Chinese dress......
27) What bothers you the most about cosplay?
People with bad manners are the ones that stick out. Then people pin the rest of the cosplay community based on that single experience.
28) Do you think it's important to be "in character"?
29) Does it make you nervous to be eyed by regular visitors at a public event?
Yes and no. They probably think I'm weird..... but they're also probably very jealous haha ;D
30) Do pre-scheduled cosplay appearances by popular cosplayers annoy you?
 No? I don't know why it should?
--- ♥ ---

31) Do you tell other people your best locations for shoots?
Neverrrrrr!! Maybe I tell them the general area it was...
32) Do you put on your makeup before your wig or after?
Before the wig!!
33) Do you know a lot about the series' you cosplay?
I try to! I get really into it when I know the characters really well :D
34) Do you wear costumes only once or many times?
I try to wear them more than once because I put a lot of money and effort into my cosplays!
35) When you've decided what costume to do next, do you share that information with other people?
YES! The more people that tag along the better, and how else do you do it other than Twitter or FB? XD
36) Do you want to be in cosplay magazines?
Yes please ;w;
37) What's the most important part of cosplay for you?That people enjoy my cosplay and that i get to meet new people with the same interests!!

Event Participation Questions
38) How active are you cosplaying in your own community?
I like to think that I'm very active.
39) What do you wear on the day of an event?
If I need to register a large prop then I generally don't go in cosplay because it's easier that way. Other than that I make sure to go in cosplay.
40) Do you eat lunch on event days?
How naked am I? LOL. I try to eat enough to keep me alive.
41) Do you eat breakfast before attending events?
Yes! Otherwise I crash by 3 PM LOL.
42) How long does it take you to change?
About an hour.
43) Do you think it looks geeky to attend an event with a big SLR camera?
NO WAY! You look so cool with a large camera >:D
44) What camera do you use? A compact? An SLR?
I use a point and shoot! It's the Canon Powershot 1400 IS.
45) Are you afraid of cameramen? Are you cool with them?
Nope! So long as they're friendly and try not to be a pervert...
46) Are you one of the first to line up to get inside?
Yes. I usually go to the con about an hour before the doors open.
47) Do you not mind showing up late?
... I mind. Unless I'm with a group of people already...
48) Do you have a small after party or a huge get-together?
49) Do you like karaoke?
I do! But I'm not very good....
50) Are you tolerant of bad singers?

I try to be :D

51) Do topics unrelated to animation and manga bug you? Or do you think it's okay to talk about anything at all?
No? I like to be diverse in my knowledge of the world!! I like to learn things out of my comfort zone :D
52) Do you eat lunch while inside event areas?
Not really.. unless it's a designated eating area.. thing XD;;
53) Can you handle the cold?
Yes. I'm Canadian dammit!!
54) Do you buy doujinshi at events?
55) Do you make doujinshi to sell at events?
No... ;  ^  ;
56) Do you have a group that participates in group events?
MOETRON FTW YAAA!! *waves banner*
57) Are you a member of a cosplay circle/club?
Why yes, yes I am... have you heard? It's called MOETRON ;D
58) When the event is over, how late do you stay out?
As long as I can... which isn't very long lmao..
59) If a new face approaches you at an event and takes up a few minutes of your time, are you annoyed?
Not at all! I would feel honoured :)
60) Do you go to cosplay dance parties?
I've never been to one.. but i wouldn't hesitate to say yes if I was invited lol.
61) Do you think your Layer status is higher than others is a lot of people want to take your picture? Does it bother you?
I don't really think about that...? I feel proud when people want to take my picture... but I would never be so stupid to think that i was better than people!
62) Do you get jealous of other cosplayers having a lot of pictures taken of them?
A little... sometimes.. I usually forget about it though.
63) You're asked for a picture but have something else to do, do you refuse?
Depends. I feel bad turning people down because I know to some it takes a lot of courage to go up to a stranger. If I'm in a hurry though, then sometimes I'll refuse.
64) When you take pictures of people at events, do you give them all copies of the prints?
Only if they ask.... but no one's asked yet lol.

Photo Shoot Questions
65) (at a studio) Do you give a copy of each photo to all of the participants?
OH YES ALL THE TIME PSSSSSSSSH. (I'm no where near as privileged lol.)
66) How do you approach photo shoots? As a chance to gather with friends and goof off or as a meeting to take nice pictures?
Both. :D♥ I'm a big goof.... and I'm also very intense when it comes to photos.
67) Are you particular about how you look in the test shots before the shoot? Do you mind how you look in general?
I mind a lot! Unless the photo is deleted afterwards, it's still a picture of you looking like road kill lmao... unless it's a planned derp XD
68) When you take photos, do you prefer shots from the front or other angles?
Hmmmm, I don't really mind either way. But I tend to tilt my body on a 3/4 angle and prefer photos with a slight downwards angle (so I'm looking up slightly).
69) Are you bothered by receiving lots of photos? Are you happy?
Happy♥. I feel honoured.
70) When you take photos, do you photograph only people you know personally and like? Or do you look for other people with great costumes to photograph too?
71) Do you wander around to meet people at events or do you keep to your own group?
I like to keep to my own group, but that's just my personality.
72) How many photos do you usually take with your own camera?
Only a few. I only take photos of really memorable cosplays. (All my friends are awesome cosplayers so there's no issue ;D)
73) How many photos do you usually take for others?
None really...
74) Do you mind if people resize or crop the pictures you've taken to make them look better?
Sure! Make me look gooooooood ;D♥
75) Do you crop and resize pictures others have taken for you?
Yes, but I make sure to give credit to the photographer.
76) Have you ever set up a photo shoot by yourself?
Yes! I set up the one with Stillvisions way back in 2010 lol. (It still counts right? ;D)
77) Do you check shoot information beforehand?
Yep :3
78) Do you like it when there are a lot of people in the shoot area? Or do you prefer small events?
The less people staring at me while I'm awkwardly posing the better...
79) What size (how many people) is the best for a shoot?
Hmmm.. it depends on what the group is cosplaying. For instance, if it was my cos group (4-6 people) in a BLACK ROCK SHOOTER shoot.. I would prefer a couple of group shots and then many pair shots, or small group shots of 3 people.
80) What time of day do you like to take photos?
Whenever the lighting is best!
81) Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shots?
Again it depends on what I'm cosplaying. If it's Monster Hunter, it must be outside. BLACK ROCK SHOOTER? Indoor.
82) Which do you dislike more - hot weather or cold weather?
Hot, humid, sticky Canadian summers are terrible D:
83) Do you know any cameramen?
Why yeeeeessss!
84) Do you eat in the photo area?
85) Do you like taking parts-shots? Or do you dislike them?
I don't know what those are....?
86) Do you retouch your photos?
Yep! I'm conscious about the way I look.. ;w;
87) Are you annoyed by people who don't retouch their photos?
Some people are beautiful without any retouching ;w;
88) Do you use reflectors?
I don't -- But I know a few photographers who do~
89) Which is worse ~ breaking the rules and getting great pictures, or following them and getting poor ones?
I'm a rebel ;D

Friend Questions
90) Why are your friends your friends?
Because they are consumned by my gorgeous looks and sparkling personality. They're love for me scaled the tallest mountains and dives to the deepest depths of any sea. Our friendship is the ship that will never sink and will forever be the guiding light from the lighthouse we seek. Our divine love is r---------
91) If you hang out for one day, do you consider yourselves friends?
Do we click? Are we talking as if we've known each other forever? Am I laughing? Do i miss them when we part?
92) Do you give copies of your photos to others?
I'm not that good ;w;
93) Do you want to make more friends?
94) Do you at least remember the names of people you meet at events?
I try to? If it's a two second thing and there's no follow up then it's kinda hard lol...
95) Do you find yourself adjusting your behavior to that of the character you're cosplaying when dealing with people dressed as characters your character knows?
Yep ;D I usually cosplay as upbeat characters, so it's easy haha♥

Home Page/Websites
96) Do you recieve permission every time you post a photo of someone else online?
no ;  ^  ; I'm sorry!
97) Do you get angry if a foreign site links to your page? Or are you flattered?
98) Are you happy to get mail from Layers overseas or does it scare you?
It would be cool?
99) Do you try to increase your web site? Or doesn't it matter to you?
Pageviews? It would be nice! That way things I write won't be meaningless jibber on the interwebs LMAO..
100) Do you not particularly care who links to you? Or do you ask people not to link without permission?
Link me if you think I right anything interesting! It only bothers me when people don't link back >3>;;
101) Do you credit the location or studio when posting photo shoot images?
YES! It would be rude otherwise...

Final Question
What do you think people who have "good cosplay manners" are like?
Respectful, aware of what's going on around them, PG (no 'humping lines' or w/e... eww), empathetic!

If you want to do this meme then please go right ahead. Please link back to my blog if you take it from here though haha ;D

Until next time! 

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