Friday, 10 June 2011

League of Legends - Chinese Patch!

So recently I've been playing League of Legends!Photobucket

What's League of Legends?
It's a game on the computer where your team tries to destroy another teams base. You do this by joining teams of 3 or 5. The game has over 70 characters (called champions) to choose from, all with unique abilities and looks. There are your typical mages, melee, ranged and support characters. These champions can level up to strengthen their abilities and can also equip countless different items for a great spread of builds you can go for. Each team is also given a healthy stream of minions that can gain their own level ups as the game continues. Along the way to your enemies' base, turrets are stationed to slow your progress, creating a dynamic of strategy to the game. Communication is key for victory in order to gang-up against other players or push your team to destroy the opposite base. You can play this game against other people, or against AI bots that are leveled either Beginner or Intermediate.

There are other things like runes which you can buy to buff any character you choose, but those can be viewed and explained better in the game's online store. You can buy almost anything in the game with the virtual points you gain from playing games. You can also buy anything with credit.Photobucket

Where can I find this game?!
Google League of Legends. Click PLAY FOR FREE. Enjoy! It should be in your C drive.

I have the game, what is this awesome patch you promised us?
Well, LoL features two kinds of art styles. One is what is more of a western and the other is similar to an eastern style of art. The western style is the default when you first open the game, and I find many of the characters are drawn in a rather ugly way, which puts me off of playing them.Photobucket The asian style isn't actually included in the game's system and must be incorporated externally.

How to change the art style:
  1. Go HERE.
  2. Scroll down to the instructions section and click the first link. It'll take you to a site that'll let you download Tencent Art Pack Click Download Now!
  3. Save it to your Desktop. You'll have to unzip the file.
  4. Next go to: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.0.0.XX\deploy\assets\images\champions
  5. Copy the folder called 'champions'. Put it anywhere else except your Desktop. This is important in case the patch doesn't work. This is your backup! (The western style)
  6. Cut and paste the champions folder on your desktop (the asian style) to the same location in your C drive (shown above).
  7. It'll prompt you to copy and replace the current champions (western) folder. Click the box that says 'Do this for the rest' and click the top option.
  8. Now go HERE, click DOWNLOAD to the right. This is the RAF manager that you'll need to apply the patch for the loading screens and during matches.
  9. Go into this new folder you just downloaded. Open RAFManager.exe and go through any updates it prompts you to do.
  10. Now go back to the folders you downloaded back in step 4. Navigate to the 'Characters' folder
  11. Drag and drop the Characters folder into RAFManager. It might take a couple seconds for this to register, so don't be hasty and do it multiple times.
  12. Once it goes through, it'll prompt you to name the mod. It doesn't matter what you type, just make it something obvious like 'chinese art'.
  13. Now you'll see the file pop up on the right side of the window. Click the check-mark beside the 'delete' button. 
  14. Now go File > Pack. You'll see some text start to appear.
  15. Once it's done, that's it! You now will see the asian style in your league of legends game! You still have the backup western folder if at any time you want to revert back!
NOTE:  RAFManager must be closed in order to play League of Legends.
      Please comment below if you find this post helpful in any way.
      I hope this works for you! Enjoy the patch!Photobucket

      Until next time!

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