Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thoughts on: Thoughts.

I've always wondered where thoughts came from.

In philosophy we looked at a guy who said that thought was internalized and an actual physical process, where the muscles twitched as if you were silently speaking the words..
My own thoughts strike me as weird, and I don't know if this happens for anyone else. Whenever I think, my voice is projected inside my head, but my thoughts sometimes cut themselves off and I hear an echo. It's very strange and I wonder if maybe it's tied to my habit of stumbling over my words when I speak them.
Since thought is an entirely personal thing, I'm wondering if I think differently than anyone else? Not content wise, but the mechanics of it.

It's kinda like how you'll never know what's wrong with you unless you go to the doctor's.. but I don't think anything is wrong with me..

Are there cases of different personalities, where the person's thoughts are in a different voice from theirs? Do people yell in their thoughts when they're angry? I don't.

Thoughts can also be visual... I remember in grade 9 there was an exercise of free-writing in English class where everyone had 5 minutes to write the uncensored things that came to their minds. I struggled very much with this exercise because I think in pictures.. but my thought-out descriptions stumble over to each other. I wonder if I could have drawn a picture and gotten away with it? When I think, it's more like words accompanying pictures, rather than words creating pictures.

How strange that the concept of thoughts to one person can draw up so many other questions.


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words =)

  2. I don't yell in my head, I just imagine things most of the time, not really words but images or like little movie clips in my head :D