Sunday, 26 June 2011

Toronto Cosplay Picnic!!

So this weekend was really amazing!! I got to sleep over at Sachie's house along with Ringo!!
I was especially excited to see Ringo since I've only seen her in person like... 2 times. D: MAJOR GIRLY BONDING WAS REQUIRED!

Anyways so I went on the train and arrived in Sachie's hometown at around 3. I missed my stop though, so we had to reunite after hoping off the bus like a mad woman orz;;Photobucket But it all turned out OK since Ringo arrived at Sachie's at the same time we arrived!

That night we vlogged A LOT and even livestreamed... if anyone reading this remembers.. I think we ended with 100-something viewers because we were dancing happy synthesizer and ended with WHIPPING OUR HAIR BACK AND FORTHPhotobucket (well more like Sachie since Ringo and I don't have much hair to whip LMAO) It was really fun! There were many pervs online... but it was still nice to see so many people who support us watching our livestream as well!Photobucket So after a bit of that we decided to go ahead and start making our HTT cake for the picnic the next day! :D

At first we wanted to make a layered cake with strawberries inside and on top.. but when we went to go take it out of the pan, the bottom came off! So we decided to improvise with custard to hide our mistakes lolPhotobucket. It was really tasty though :P

We didn't stay up too late because we wanted to wake up early the next day! Even though we woke up at 8, we didn't arrive till 1 or 2 though. ;  ^  ; And we even managed to forget a few things (i.e. Sachie's bow and my belt) It was a little bit of mess but whatever. We still had an awesome time!!

We tried looking for these things called 'potato tornados' (I have no idea lol) But we couldn't find them after 2 hours of walking around the island lol... It was very busy because the annual dragon boat races were taking place there as well! The place was swarmed with people and the lineups for the ferry were very long Photobucket

So! After hanging out with everyone and eventually changing out of our cosplays, we headed back to Sachie's. Originally I was going to go directly back home, but I decided I was having too much fun and wanted a little more girly time Photobucket

The rest of the weekend was just as great. We watched Tangled (Disney's version of Rapunzel) and re-watched all the vlogs we made that weekend. I think we stayed up till 1 or 1:30 just goofing off haha.
This morning we rushed around because Ringo had to go back home (her parents were already on their way at the time lol) and I needed to take the train back. It was sad having to leave them, but I know we'll have many more girly dates in the future! (Notably our cosplay making party for my STRENGTH cosplay lol, please look forward to it!)

So that's it for now! You can find vlogs of our adventures on our YouTube! They should be up soon. We also just created a BlogTV! So whenever we go to do lives together, they'll be therePhotobucket
Please look forward to all of the exciting things we're planning for the future!!

Until next time!


  1. huhuhuhu I know!!~ I bet you forgot about it >:D

  2. WAAHHA so dissapointed that there were no tornado potatos ; A ;

  3. I wish I was there =.=
    I bet you guys had fun baking cakey~ =P

  4. that wig actually looks pretty decent lol :-)