Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Harajuku Lovers: Snow bunnies

I recently received this lovely fragrance from my aunt! And even though it's winter themed, I still find it super cute.Photobucket

Brand: Harajuku Lovers
Name: Snow Bunnies
Smells Like: Light, floral, a little sexy

I'll start by saying how much I LOVE the packaging! Even though the bottle's cute, the packaging is what teases my eye when I go into a store. The little lacy patterns and the pretty blue and white scheme work really well to feel as if I'm buying something cute, but not too childish (at least for my tastes). Sadly I deleted the picture I had of the packaging...Photobucket

The bottle itself if similar to the rest of the Harajuku line, this one featuring Gwen Stefani as the character you're buying. Her outfit is, again, cute but stylish which is nice. Now, I don't know if this comes in a bigger bottle (since it was given to me as a gift) but the quantity of the actual perfume given isn't very much compared to the doll that decorates it. Maybe it should be the other way around....?

The scent itself is very lovely!Photobucket You can wear it and not have people scrunching their nose in distaste, but still feel girly and a little sexy while wearing it!Photobucket It's now my favourite perfume♥

All-in-All: 4.5/5♥
I would recommend this to anyone! To some you may be put off by the cutesy appeal, but I really enjoy the scent and I find it very versatile. The only thing I would change is the amount of perfume you get! That way I won't run out as quickly haha.Photobucket

I hope you enjoyed this review!
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  1. I love Harajuku Lovers! I have the regular 'Love' scent and it also smells really nice :D

  2. aaaaaaahh i always wanted one of these and LOL for just the cute packaging too, lol not much of a perfume fan but i love these dolls too much!

  3. aww so cute >w<
    yeah I saw that and like the packaging ^^